4 Things About Steroids That Are Super Scary

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Steroids are artificial hormones which are manufactured in laboratories. Artificial hormones might get you a muscular body and insane strength, but later the body is left with severe health complications. For bodybuilding or for sports don’t even think of taking steroids. Steroids do not only affect your body but your genitals too. You may suffer from several types of sexual disorders which might lead to impotency.


Here are some scary truths which will definitely change your view towards steroids:

Shrinking Of Testicles

Steroids affect the sexual organs in a very harmful way. Shrinking of testicles, erectile dysfunction, reduced sperm count and infertility is caused by steroids. The risk of prostate cancer also increases in steroid user.

Sex Change

In recent past, there have been some cases where men have developed breasts and women have developed male sexual organs. Because of these changes in their body they were forced to change their gender.

 Affects Nervous System

Steroid users suffer from serious mental problems such as depression, mood swings, anxiety disorder, and fear. They also suffer from high blood pressure and blurred vision. They cannot sleep properly because of their mental problems which in future leads to serious health issues.


Palumboism means thickening of tissues over intestine and abdominal area. It is ugly to see and is very painful for them who are suffering from it. Palumboism is seen in most of the bodybuilders who take steroids.


Many people suffer from above-mentioned points because they consume cheap testosterone products which in reality, are big frauds. These products contain steroids which show quick results in the form of significant muscle mass and insane strength. No good quality product will show fast results when compared to steroids. These products don’t mention the inclusion of steroids in their ingredients so they can easily sell their products. Be careful before buying such male enhancement products.

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